April 14, 2022

Easter Wine Pairings

Winter and snow days have come and gone, and it’s hard to believe it’s already April. Fresh blooms, rain showers, and warmer weather can only mean one thing; Spring has sprung! When we hear spring, we think Easter. Easter church service, Easter bunny, Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts… this holiday is special and brings great memories of childhood and family for many. This Sunday is Easter, and no matter how you’re celebrating, one thing is for sure… food and drink will be involved.

Easter brunch or dinner is often quite the feast and can certainly present a wide range of flavors and dishes. From light seafood starters to heavier meat dishes for the main course, you want wines that complement and don’t overpower or fatigue the palate early in the day. Here are a few of our favorite wines that not only make great specific pairings, but can also be interchangeable with a variety of flavors on your table.

Champagne and Seafood

Obviously Champagne carries a celebratory tone and has become the wine of choice for many at the brunch table. Is there a better way to start the day than cocktail shrimp and a little bubbly? Oysters, crab cocktail, lobster, ceviche, it all works due to the freshness and acidity in the wines. Of course not all bubbly wines are created equal, but you can usually assume a healthy amount of acidity to deal with both light and richer seafood. The wines will even stand up to plenty of meat dishes or charcuterie on your appetizer menu. While we always carry plenty of sparkling wine options, we love the wines of Champagne for the Easter holiday. From entry level to Grand Cru we have you covered.

Chablis and Glazed Ham

One of the more common foods shared on the Easter dinner table, the glazed ham is clearly a crowd pleaser. Thinking about cured salty richness with a touch of sweetness from the glaze, the fresh, mineral-driven wines from Chablis make the perfect match. This is crisp, unoaked Chardonnay at it’s finest. Not only will this white wine leave your palate clean and lifted, but the acidity will cut right through that delicious ham. Chablis also has plenty of crossover capabilities into all types of seafood if you decide to skip the bubbly with your cocktail shrimp.

Eggs for Brunch?

Why yes of course! Whether it's deviled eggs on the appetizer table or egg dishes on the brunch menu, grab some extra bubbly or crack open a crisp bottle of Chablis. We mentioned crossover right? That’s the ticket to choosing a holiday wine that keeps giving.

Pinot Noir and Pork

Yes, we know ham is also pork, but maybe you decided on a roasted pork loin, pork shoulder or even opted to throw a few pork chops on the grill. It’s time to pull out the Pinot Noir. Typically a bit lighter and red-fruited, the weight of Pinot Noir is often the perfect compliment to the weight of a pork dish. Great pinot has plenty of acidity to cut through the fat and even structured tannins to boot. A bigger Pinot Noir can also cross over and stand up to the lamb pairings we are discussing below.

Syrah and Lamb

How many times do you eat lamb throughout the year? Maybe the answer is often, but for many of us, the leg of lamb or lamb chops at the holiday table marks a true special occasion. While lamb is a bit lighter than steak, there is a richness to the meat that steers us towards Syrah. Tart mouthwatering dark fruits cut through the richness along with a healthy amount of tannins. The smokey, peppery tones in the wines often provide a wonderful compliment. 

Late Harvest Wines and Carrot Cake

Easter dessert doesn’t have to just be for the kids. From cheesecake, pies, and pastries, to fruit tarts and fresh fruit, there are an array of spring desserts that compliment Easter dinner. Our favorite over here at 2A? Carrot cake. Dessert and wine can be tricky, but this pairing is a knockout. Many late harvest wines carry a rich textured honey quality to them and pair fantastically with the nutty richness in the carrot cake.

Whether you’re hosting Easter dinner and need to stock up on some table wine, or you’re a guest who needs a killer host/hostess gift, we’ve got you covered. No matter what’s on your Easter menu, come on down to our wine shop here in the Third Ward in Milwaukee and grab your bottles for Easter Sunday. Our team can help you select the perfect bottle for your Easter brunch or Easter dinner… or you can shop online and check out our curated Easter collection. As always, your bottles will be available to pick-up in the shop or curbside when you order online. We’ll be closed on Easter Sunday, so make sure to get your shopping done soon. 

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