About Us


In 2001 founders Rob Levin and Tony Bisciglia had the fortuitous opportunity to travel to California wine country for the first time. While already good friends, this trip would not only continue to stoke a shared passion for the hospitality industry, but also open their eyes to the incredible process behind each bottle. Over the course of the next two decades, their lives and restaurant careers evolved in many ways, but food, wine and hospitality were always intertwined. Early in 2019 they began collaborating on their own company, and WACH Hospitality was born. 

The name 2A stands for the 2nd Act in our careers and pays homage to our fundamental belief that we are continuously learning. 2A Wine Merchants allows us to go back to those early days and reminds us of the simplicity and joy that comes from sharing wine with others. Whether you are a novice, a wine geek, or a serious collector, we invite you to explore the world of wine with us. We are passionate about creating an environment that is approachable, drives curiosity, and eases the quest for finding the right wines for the right moments. 

Whatever the budget, we believe everyone should have access to wines that are well made, tell a story and are indicative of the place and traditions from where they come. Our selections are focused on classic regions and producers from around the globe as well as the rising stars and emerging styles that are opening new horizons. New or old world, we seek wines of energy, balance, and overall yumminess!

Tony Bisciglia

Wine was Tony’s gateway into restaurants early in his career. Following 15 years of senior management roles in hospitality, he sought a refresh and refocus to start his own company. His desire to step back into the world of wine took him to the supply and distribution side. While shifting his focus he completed his Certified Sommelier with the CMS and WSET level 3 with the American wine school. He is driven by a passion for learning, sharing, and bringing others together through food and wine.

Rob Levin

Rob achieved his first restaurant General Manager position six months out of college.  This would be the starting line for his journey in wine, with the creation of a small organic wine list for the nationally recognized vegetarian restaurant The Blind Faith Cafe.  Over the course of his career, Rob has been blessed to create wine lists for such companies as KDK, The Four Seasons, Boka Restaurant Group and Levy Restaurants to name a few. There is something unique and special  about every bottle of wine which compliments the moment in which it is consumed.  Finding that bottle for each guest is the quest and mission for Rob and the 2A team.