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Music affects everyone. It’s universal. Our appreciation and addiction to music begins almost from the first moments of life. Having been a constant throughout history, it is one of the most enjoyable human experiences and an ever-present companion in our lives today. It can alter our mood, emotions, and motivation. Simply stated, we are captured by music and its phenomenon – from feelings of joy and sadness to cultural bonding and celebration.

When it comes to wine, archaeological records indicate that it was first produced in China around 7000 B.C. While not quite as old as music, there is no doubt that wine not only brings enjoyment to life, but can also stir emotion, provoke discourse, and accent some of our most memorable moments.  When paired together, wine and music bring next level contentment. They cause us to slow down and pause, to engage deeper, and to connect.

Join our passion for music via our monthly curated playlists composed by our very own Jen Sturchio. We think it will be a positive addition to your enjoyment of life and your consumption of wine!

Family Holiday Vibes

Happy B-Day Snoop!

Labor Day Vibes

Lines & Vines vol. III

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No Sleep Til Trocken

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Sektual Healing

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Valentine's Day 2022

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