In the world of "grower Champagne" Bérêche et Fils continues to set themselves apart, and the wines have only become more difficult to find. While their history dates back to 1847, it was the recent work of Jean-Pierre Bérêche that established their independent reputation over two decades ago. Since then, his sons Raphaël and Vincent have joined him and have taken production to new levels.

Their portfolio starts with the wonderfully vibrant non-vintage Brut Réserve and only excelerates from there as each micro-cuvée brilliantly shows the nuance and energy of its unique place.

Not surprising, the Bérêche vineyards are farmed organically with meticulous attention. Winemaking is traditional as each parcel is vinified separately and the skillful use of oak in the cellar is evident in the wines. Furthermore, the brothers have become known for their use of cork enclosures in several of the wines during the secondary fermentation, rather than the traditional crown caps. While this step is much more labor intensive, the added complexities and nuances only add to the intriguing nature of the wines.

We have been allocated a very small amount of these very special wines, and they are available for presale today!Purchase ONLINE and pickup Friday 12/30 to enjoy for your New Year celebrations!

Bérêche et Fils Aÿ Grand Cru
Bérêche et Fils Aÿ Grand Cru

Bérêche et Fils Aÿ Grand Cru


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