Rosenthal Wine Merchant has been one of our go-to importers long before we opened our shop. Founded by Neal Rosenthal in 1977, this family run business has been diligently working to introduce wines of distinction to us for decades. If you are shopping French or Italian selections, this is definitely an importer to watch for. Their portfolio also steps further into places like Catalonia, Switzerland, and Austria which you may also find on our shelves.

For nearly 50 years, they have been relentless in their pursuit of the finest quality as they only work with growers making wines representative of their own "terroir" or unique "sense of place". The range of producers is astounding, from highly sought after collector wines to off-the-beaten-path hidden gems. Whatever the case, when you see a Rosenthal wine, you can always be sure that you are buying a quality bottle from a true artisan held to the highest standards and representative of the place where it was made.