Our walk-in tasting room offers the opportunity to explore a different new or old world region each month. Journey through a flight of four wines from a highlighted region or just grab a glass. 


September Tasting Room Selections


Home to a wide range of landscapes, Argentina is the largest wine producing country in South America. Winemaking has been influenced over centuries by the Spanish and Italians, but most of the grapes that have ultimately settled here are French varietals. Famous for Malbec from Mendoza, a range of other grapes including Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Bonarda, and Chardonnay are all widely cultivated throughout the country. Wine production in general relies heavily on the Andes mountain range that runs north/south through the country. With the average vineyard height of 3,000 ft, the high altitude temperature swings allow for plenty of daytime sunshine with cool acid-retaining temps at night. Our tasting this month will showcase a wide range from high elevation Torrontes in the North to lower elevation Pinot Noir in Patagonia. Of course we will showcase high quality tastes of Malbec in between :)




2019 Familia Zuccardi

Torrontes 'Serie A'

NV Alma Negra

Brut Nature

2018 Alto Limay 

Pinot Noir

2018 Familia Zuccardi

Malbec 'Concreto'





Private Tastings: Coming Soon

Our in-house tastings are a great way to explore and experience our shop. While you can walk in and try a featured flight at any time, a scheduled tasting books a session with one of our in-house team members and offers a guided experience for you and your group. Whether you would like to learn more about a specific region or just relax with your friends, the tastings at 2A offer a relaxed, customized, approachable wine experience in the comforts of our wine room.




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